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About Prof. V K Samaranayake Research Grants

The Prof. V.K. Samaranayake grants scheme aims to promote a culture of research and innovation in Networking and Internet-related fields in Sri Lanka by facilitating exposure of researchers to the global research community. Accordingly, it will finance research activities of MPhil and PhD candidates registered in Sri Lankan universities.


Types of Grants


Top-up grants are merit based awards for applicants already registered in an MPhil/PhD programme and in receipt of a monthly research grant of a sumof less than Rs. 50,000/-. The top-up grant awarded is aimed at supplementing the stipend to reach a total allowance equal to Rs. 50,000/-. The period for which the top-up grant will be awarded need not exactly overlap with that for which the monthly allowance is received.

Conference/Workshop and Publication grants are aimed at funding applicants who wish to present and publish papers in reputed International Conferences and Journals.

Conferences recognized for the full grant are listedhere . Other conferences recognized include those which are part of ACM, IEEE, USENIX, and IFIP. If the conference is neither listed nor are part of the aforementioned, the conference’s h5 ranking on Google Scholar will be used for assessment.

Instructions for emailing

• Application should be completed and sent in either DOC or PDF format.

• All documents within the compressed archive should be named as follows:
granttype = workshop, conference, publication, top-up, short-stay
initials = your initials without separation by periods. e.g.: ALN instead of A.L.N.
surname = your surname or family name
document type = application, attachment (with number for multiple attachments), proof (for studentship)

• Naming convention for compressed archive should be ""

• Scanned documents should be sent in either pdf(preferred) or jpg format.

• Email the completed forms and supporting documents as a compressed archive to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application Forms (Downloads)

Top-up Grants for MPhil and PhD research (Download)
Conference/Workshop and Publication grants (Download)
Short-stay grants (Download)



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